America Fooled is the fact-filled story of how Americans have come to believe that depression and other mental problems are caused by chemical imbalances which can be fixed with pills. It reveals how the drug studies used to achieve FDA approval are designed, paid for and written by the drug companies themselves to purposely deceive.

About the Book

Few Americans are aware that the “chemical imbalance” theory is purposely promoted by drug companies in order to further a drug–based approach to treating mental problems.  Few are aware of the permanent brain damage and other long–term health effects we now know result from taking mind drugs.  Few are aware that, among drug researchers, job promotions, tenure, grants and intimidation are all factors which encourage faith in one of the most harmful lies ever to become widely believed.  Few are aware that antidepressants are so widely prescribed in America that traces of Zoloft, Effexor, Cymbalta, Lexapro and other antidepressants are being found in the streams of America—traces which have already entered our food chain and are damaging fish and other kinds of aquatic life.

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“This well-researched and well-written book should be required reading for . . . any doctor that might prescribe psychiatric medications.”

Stuart Shipko, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Neurologist, Pasadena, CA
Author, Surviving Panic Disorder: What You Need to Know

“Dr. Scott is one of the most humane and clear writers on what is wrong with the way we deliver mental health . . . .  The material in Parts One and Two is the clearest explanation I have ever read.  I could not put the book down.  It is incredible.”

William Glasser, M.D.
Psychiatrist, Father & Author of Reality Therapy

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Have You Been Fooled?

I have always been fascinated with the power of one’s culture and especially the media to influence our perceptions of reality and to change our values. Yet few people recognize or will admit these influences have the ability to change THEIR perceptions or values.

Over the years I’ve compiled a file labeled “Research Errors” filled with scientific research studies that we later came to realize were erroneous. Now, to see how errors can become facts take the brief quiz which appears below. Or better still, give this quiz to a family member or friend. Have YOU been fooled?

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