Personal Assessment

Download and take the Personal Assessment Inventory test.  This test may be freely used by physicians and others who are in a helping role. No “total score” or comparative scores are used with the Personal Assessment Inventory. This is a common sense inventory whose usefulness would be diminished and purposes distorted if responses were all quantified. The better approach is to use the inventory to determine if depression and anxiety are likely related to specific concerns that should be addressed and which might otherwise be overlooked. For example, if someone is buried in debt and has creditors calling constantly, the resultant stress and worry could cause that person to become depressed even if his or her “total score” was very normal. Likewise, if someone responded to the question, “How often do you feel ‘left out’ by others?” by circling “daily,” then you have uncovered an issue that all by itself could lead to stress, unhappiness, depression or even more severe mental problems.

Personal Assessment for Married Individuals

Personal Assessment for Single Individuals